Mary Lee Esty has been using an older form of LENS for her research that started 15 years ago.  She tells of amazing success treating people who have suffered from head injury  in her book ​Conquering Concussion. Her book is a great resource for learning more about head injuries, the symptoms of even mild concussions, and why they continue to so often go undiagnosed.

Go to and click on “Resources” at the top of the page and then click “testimonials” to learn why other psychiatrist, psychologists and therapist choose to use LENS neurofeedback in their practice.

If you looking for a way to address the ADD/ADHD in your home without medication, LENS neurofeedback could be what you are looking for. In fact, that is exactly how LENS was introduced into my household. My doctor suggested I try LENS Neurofeedback to get off Adderall. Both of my sons have success stories of their own, including increased motivation to put forth more effort in school which has led to significantly better grades.

Journal of Neurotherapy article on LENS

Effective Use of LENS Unit as an Adjunct to Cognitive NeuroDevelopmental Training:​

A 2-volume set of the Journal of Neurotherapy devoted entirely to the LENS:


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