How Does LENS Work?

What makes LENS different from traditional neurofeedback is that the treatments are completely passive. The client does not take, feel, or do anything other than sit still while an extremely small radio frequency input (approximately 1/400th of a cell phone) is delivered for only a few seconds. The slight variation of the current brainwave acts to nudge the brainwaves out of their stuck patterns. The effect is similar to rebooting a computer. Once the brainwaves are unstuck, the brain becomes more flexible and better at self-regulation; therefore minimizing dysfunction and facilitating the brain’s amazing ability to reorganize itself and relocate lost functions.

How Long Does LENS Take?

The hallmark of LENS Neurofeedback is its elegant simplicity and quick results. The immediate effectiveness of LENS means that less sessions are necessary, on average 9 to 12. The ease of LENS also means that the sessions take less time than traditional neurofeedback, typically only 30 minutes. LENS Neurofeedback has been shown to be remarkably effective in over 85% of those treated. The effects are long term, and typically permanent.

Does LENS Hurt?

There is no pain involved at all with LENS. Occasionally someone may feel a little “buzzing”, but it doesn’t last for more than a few seconds, and we can stop at any time if it is uncomfortable. Afterwards, most people feel very calm and relaxed; often even feeling like a nap would be in good order!

Does LENS Use Electric Shock Treatment?

No, absolutely not! There is no use of electric shocks in LENS Neurofeedback. The electric impulse we use is no more powerful than that of a cellphone. You will feel no pain when using LENS Neurofeedback.


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